Welcome to The Lifeboat

We are all told that it is dangerous to operate machinery without first reading the manual. But until now there has been no human manual and we have all have just struggled by, doing what we could to understand ourselves and the conditions in which we live. We have operated the human machine, without instruction or direction, for years with lesser or greater success!!

The Lifeboat changes everything, as it studies and teaches lifeism - the human manual. It explaining the whole human condition from where life comes from, how it works, your place in it and how you can find happiness. This enables you to have better relationships, a better job, be more prosperous and have a completely satisfied life.

Lifeism, is a fundamental philosophical belief in life itself, which encompasses the entire range of all ideologies which relate to life and the interaction between them, culminating in an understanding of everything living and the nature of the human condition within it.

You would have found a lot of your life good and bad so far, but even with good direction from parents, your life to date has been trial and error. But Lifeism is the human manual, so you will have the secret to being the human you want to be and have the key to a successful life.

We not only offer a complete survival guide to making sense of life, but also the complete understanding of life itself. This is a living philosophy based on recognising the unseen forces which operate within your daily life; which affect you, your surroundings, career and relationships. Learning about your life brings understanding and provides the means to the best ends.

We provide courses which give you the ability to understand life completely; enabling you to discover answers without the help of another. This approach allows you to be self-reliant, no longer dependant on anything but reality. You will understand yourself, your circumstances, leading to actions which meet your own personal needs and the needs of others.

As a result you will be able to work out your own tailored life plan, fulfilling all of your hopes and dreams. 

Choose Lifeism and consistently achieve happiness in an uncertain World......